Digibox Arts

A brand-new streaming service for performance art

Our purpose is to bring inclusive access to audiences across the UK and beyond, allowing everyone to enjoy live performance, benefit from cultural exchange and be entertained in their own home or on the go. For the performing arts industry, Digibox Arts invites venues, promoters and performers to find new audiences for their work, allowing them to expand their reach, build new and sustainable revenue streams and forge cross-cultural partnerships that transcend physical borders.

Why now?

During the Covid pandemic, many artists were looking for different ways of sharing their work, due to the physical closure of venues and social distancing. This led to an experimental period for the arts and digital media, with a number of streaming models tested. Our founders were early adopters of this technology and quickly learned that, to be genuinely inclusive, it’s via box offices and not via TVs that the arts will be most accessible to audiences. We have developed a model that allows venues, promoters and performers to stream at zero cost, with access to a pop-up stream only when needed. A live or as-live stream is promoted via their own box office with their branding.

What’s next?

We’re very grateful to our first partners, Rapture Records, the National Youth Theatre, the London International Festival of Early Music and The Bridgewater Hall, as well as our production partner, StartPoint TV who have developed the platform with funding from Innovate UK and web development by BTL Creative. After a period of testing, we’re ready to welcome new members and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to use our service. Equally, if you are in the audience for one of our streams, please get in touch and let us know what you think. Contact us at hello@digiboxarts.com

Performance Capture & Marketing

We offer filming and production services, digital strategy and marketing campaigns at preferential rates for Digibox Arts clients. No matter your genre, our team will find a pragmatic, quality solution to suit your budget. We will help you to build a library of assets for your digital fanbase that can be monetised again and again. Contact our digital content expert, Thea Cole, who will be delighted to discuss your needs. thea@digiboxarts.com

Our purpose

We are a global facilitator of arts audiences and to carry an eclectic and high-quality mix of live and as-live streams, allowing people to access the arts at an affordable price and in a practical way. We’re mindful of the many barriers - geographical, physical, mental and socio-economic - that prevent people participating in what should be a universal experience and our purpose is to break those down, so that an inspiring and thriving arts offer is available to all.

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